Standard laminate

High pressure decorative laminate wrapped over a chipboard core is commonly used as the decorative surface for residential and commercial countertops.  Hundreds of colours and designs available. 

Solid laminate

Wilsonart’s most innovative worktop solution, Zenith, is an ultra-thin worktop at just 12.5mm. This completely solid laminate material will enhance any kitchen design thanks to its solid black core combined with the unique surface designs and textures.

Solid wood

The natural option.  Solid wood worktops combine timeless elegance with superior durability.  From the dark tones of Walnut and Iroko to the lighter classics of Oak and Country Beech, a wooden worksurface will always complement a traditional kitchen.

Solid surface

Solid Surface is a man-made, stone-like material, derived from ATH (AluminiumTrihydrate) mixed with acrylic and polyester.  This has been formulated so that it can be fabricated and manipulated into countertops, worktops, desk tops, reception desks and so on.


Quartz worktops are ideal for the 21st century.  State of the art manufacturing involves at least 93% natural quartz combined with high performance polymer resins, pigments and anti-bacterial stain resistant additives to create a unique solid surface.


Granite is a natural stone that defies time, an igneous rock formed millions of years ago that is derived from molten masses of magma beneath the earth’s crust. Once cut and polished using industrial diamonds, Granite is a surface of timeless beauty.  It forms a durable exceptionally heat-proof surface that is easy to clean and maintain, making it the ideal worktop for kitchens and bathrooms.

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